–Development of Iconic Location Will Add To The Growing Vibrancy of Uptown Area–

August 1, 2019 – SAINT JOHN, NB—Local developers, Stephen Brittain and Lee Seale, today announced plans to build a six-story wood frame mixed commercial and residential development in Uptown Saint John at the corner of Canterbury Street and Grannan Lane. The site is currently occupied by a two-story parking garage. The new development, called The Telegraph, will be home to 32 residential units and street level retail or commercial space.

“The corner of Canterbury Street and Grannan Lane is a prime location for development,” said Stephen Brittain. “We will create a building that fits with the character of the neighbourhood to add to the growing vibrancy in the Uptown core. The project actually replicates the original footprint of the Telegraph building that stood there before the mid-1990s.”

The Canterbury parking garage was designed and built in 1996-1997 to serve as a foundation for future development. This existing foundation and use of wood-frame construction means construction will be quicker with less disruption to neighbours. The lot was previously home to the six-story Telegraph building and the new building will draw design inspiration from its iconic character, according to the architect Peter McKenzie of Saint John-based Comeau MacKenzie Architecture.

Parking is a priority for many local businesses. Marc Dionne with the Saint John Parking Commission says the change in overall parking supply in the Uptown will be minimal and the impacts on businesses in the area can be strategically managed by shifting some monthly parking spaces to hourly and daily. “We are exploring options to replace the hourly spots that will be lost with a comparable number of spaces in lots at the corner of Canterbury and Princess. We’re also looking at a couple of different options to add additional monthly parking spots including the Fundy Quay site.

Steve Carson, CEO of Develop Saint John, welcomes the latest project, explaining, “Develop Saint John has been facilitating conversations between the developer, the Saint John Parking Commission and neighbours to explain the nature of the development. We’ve been exploring opportunities to overcome any concerns, and have been sharing how The Telegraph will benefit the entire area. It will bring in new residents, more customers, more vibrancy, increase revenue for the City, and ultimately boost property values across the board.” Carson goes on to emphasize, “The Telegraph is another good news story for Saint John.”

Nancy Tissington, executive director of Uptown Saint John, is excited by the news of the development. “There is very high demand for new and newly renovated housing in Uptown Saint John. As more and more people choose to live life Uptown the demand will continue to grow. Seeing this lot infilled with retail and residential space is another good sign of a city on the move,” she said.

Construction on the new development is set to begin in the spring of 2020.


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Christine Comeau
Develop Saint John

About the Developers

Stephen Brittain and Lee Seale specialize in the development of multi-unit residential properties. Over the past 12 years, they have developed around 200 quality residential units and are proud to contribute to the prosperity and vibrancy of the Saint John community. Their current and ongoing project, Village View Suites in Millidgeville is a good example of their attention to detail and quality contribution to their surrounding neighbourhoods.

About Develop Saint John

Develop Saint John’s mission is to grow the tax base in Saint John by relentlessly creating and seizing strategic real estate opportunities and getting deals done. Its mandate is to grow the City’s tax base and improve the quality of life of citizens. It has a Board of Directors made up of government and volunteer private sector representatives.

 About The Telegraph

  • 6-Story wood frame construction with heritage-like façade.
  • The Canterbury Street-level is zoned commercial, while the additional upper floors are residential.
  • The site was originally the location of the Telegraph Journal/Evening Times-Globe newspaper and CHSJ Radio Station. In 1968 the Telegraph Journal relocated and the original brick and stone building became surplus and the building was eventually demolished in 1975.
  • In 1995-1996, the Canterbury parking garage was constructed as part of a partnership with three levels of government and was designed to serve as the foundation for future development. The use of the existing foundation significantly reduces the amount of time and disruption required for construction.

Comeau MacKenzie Architecture rendering of The Telegraph, a 6-storey wood-frame commercial and residential development. Concept presents the view from the corner of Canterbury Street and Grannan Lane in Saint John, New Brunswick.