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At Develop Saint John, our approach to development is simple. We say ‘Yes.’ 

We can do this because we have extensive experience in championing major real estate projects from concept through to concrete. More than that, Develop Saint John has a range of location solutions that give you easy access to the services, infrastructure, and international markets that form a solid foundation for success. Add complete confidentiality and a degree of entrepreneurial nimbleness and you have all the support you need to start your project here and now. 

Whether you are expanding or planning a bold new development, reach out to us, because at Develop Saint John, we get the deal done.

Re-imagining Fundy Quay

Fundy Quay (the former Coast Guard site on the Saint John waterfront) is arguably the City’s most important real property asset. It has the potential to transform our waterfront, creating a destination of regional significance, and setting off a domino-effect of economic development in the area.

A new plan for development is underway, and here's an overview of what’s happening.

What’s the vision?

A vibrant catalyst for future waterfront activity that will include:

  • retail and commercial space;
  • shops and boutiques;
  • residential apartments and condos;
  • hospitality and entertainment spaces;
  • cultural and educational options; and
  • green spaces and public access to waterfront.

The Elias Management Group will be developing the property under Fundy Quay Developments Inc., a subsidiary company.

What will the finished product be?

  • Our Request for Proposals in April 2019 asked bidders to propose a development that included:
    • high density residential units (condos and apartments)
    • retail and commercial space
    • potential for arts and cultural spaces
    • potential for small hotel space
  • Concept designs will come in the first year of the option agreement.
  • Both Develop Saint John and our selected developer Fundy Quay Developments Inc. have carefully reviewed the Neighbourhood Action Plan, and will leverage that extensive consultation process and be an active participant in implementing their recommendation to: Promote the incremental development of Fundy Quay as a mixed-use cultural destination on the waterfront.
  • Public consultation will take place in 2020.

Why now?

  • We are capitalizing on current momentum in the Uptown area.
  • This project will create a much-needed revenue stream (in the form of increased tax revenue) for the City, requiring no ongoing operational funding.
  • The City is currently experiencing near-record-lows in available residential rental units, and this project will allow us to meet the needs we already have, at market-level rents.
  • The City is experiencing visitor growth, and a new urban hotel would allow us to continue growing without creating bottlenecks.

What’s next?

  • December 2, 2019: Common Council approved the execution of the Option Agreement with Fundy Quay Developments Inc.
  • 90 DAYS: Ground Lease is finalized.
  • 2020/21: Site preparation work including seawall infrastructure repair.
  • 2020: Community consultation.


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