Commercial Opportunities

Commercial Opportunites

Developing commercial real estate is challenging. From commercial tenants' requirements, to zoning laws, to project management, there is a lot to navigate. And that’s not including negotiations with everyone from local authorities and residents to the contractors who get the job done.

Good thing you have Develop Saint John on your side. We work with you, and for you, so you can focus your resources on developing commercial real estate that creates new growth opportunities for our community, and for you. Let’s talk about it today.

East Point Shopping has attracted world-class retailers to our retail development in Saint John.  These companies saw the great potential available here and have thrived in what has become New Brunswick’s premier shopping destination. We look forward to working closely with Develop Saint John as we create even more opportunities for growth and economic development in our region.

Troy Northrup
Developer, East Point Shopping

East Point Shopping

East Point is a significant economic engine and social centre for the community. Built entirely with private capital, it has exceeded the standard for a municipality of Saint John’s size and set a high standard for commerce. East Point continues to invest in the property and Saint John, with long-term strategic plans that will benefit the region.