Board Of Directors

Our Board of Directors has one goal: to support development so that your time and money stay invested in your project.  After all, our board knows new development means new opportunities for Saint John, New Brunswick, and you. Let’s talk about how we can get your project started right here and right now, and then grow together.

Francis Power


Photo fo Francis Power - Develop Saint John

Francis believes everyone should live, work, and do business in a great place. He happens to believe Saint John is that place.

Combining an authentic leadership style with 35 years of experience as a senior executive in retail and small business banking across Canada, Francis is both pragmatic and innovative in creating opportunities for sustained growth and prosperity for Saint John.

Leslie Magee


Photo of Leslie Magee - Develop Saint John

Leslie is an experienced Real Estate professional with a history of working in both operational and strategic functions.

Her pragmatic, results-oriented style makes her a valuable member of the board executive. She seeks to collaborate and develop strong working relationships with other key stakeholders in order to attract new businesses and citizens.

John Logan


Photo fo John Logan - Develop Saint John

John combines his legal background with extensive public and private sector experience to encourage development of real estate in Saint John’s industrial, commercial, and residential sectors.

Strong expertise in governance makes John a key member of the board executive. He is vital in ensuring Develop Saint John remains productive and accountable while always delivering on its mission. In this way, he is helping to make Saint John a better place to live.

Monica Adair


Photo fo Monica Adair - Develop Saint John

Monica is the co-founder of Acre Architects, an award-winning firm based in her hometown of Saint John.

The company’s guiding philosophy is we are what we create, and Monica very much embodies that. An advocate for the arts and lover of all things adventurous, she enriches the Develop Saint John team through her insights as a Master of Architecture and her belief that we can achieve more for New Brunswick.

More than a recognized leader in design and education, Monica is an active mentor for women in architecture. She was the 2015 recipient of the prestigious Royal Architecture Institute of Canada’s Young Architect Award and is profiled in the book Canada 150 Women - Conversations with Leaders, Champions, and Luminaries.

Peter Allaby


Photo of Peter Allaby - Develop Saint John

Peter is an accomplished professional engineer focused on infrastructure and transportation. His proven ability to improve efficiency and reduce costs make him an ideal champion for attracting investors and community builders.

Through his contributions to development projects throughout New Brunswick, Peter has developed a solid understanding of how to apply his skills to make Saint John the place where everyone wants to be.

John Higgins


Photo of John Higgins - Develop Saint John

John is an accomplished business executive and visionary strategist with a knack for achieving solid business growth, financial performance, and leadership development.

His achievements as a business innovator will help Develop Saint John excel in property and business development. His extensive experience in operations, sales, acquisitions, strategic planning, community development, corporate governance, and cultural integration will lay a foundation for sustainable community growth.

Gerry Lowe


Photo of Gerry Lowe - Develop Saint John

As a member of City Council, Gerry is known for having his finger on the pulse of Saint John. Through ongoing consultations with residents, businesses, and key stakeholders, he has gained a strong appreciation for the role that real estate development plays in strengthening communities.

Gerry’s entrepreneurial approach, combined with his commitment to building community assets, developing the city’s waterfront, and matching investment with available real estate, is further establishing Saint John as an attractive place for business investment and development. Born and raised here, Gerry currently resides in and serves Ward 3.

Mayor Don Darling

Ex Officio


City of Saint John Mayor Don Darling is committed to growing our population and economy by creating more opportunities for investment and development. As a Develop Saint John team member, he brings considerable senior level experience in the residential construction industry to the table. He also brings strong leadership and a devotion to public service that combine to fuel economic momentum and optimism.

Don’s passion for people, commitment to collaboration, and his strategic understanding of community-building make him an ideal champion of development in Saint John.

Jeff Trail

Ex Officio

Photo of Jeff Trail - Develop Saint John

City Manager Jeff Trail brings a unique mix of private and public sector leadership experience to Develop Saint John. He has a track record of delivering results and executing on challenging assignments, having been a manufacturing operations manager, a successful entrepreneur and business manager, and a senior provincial government leader.

As the city’s Chief Administrative Officer, Jeff is responsible for achieving tax base growth on behalf of the elected Council. He will ensure a that the city’s priorities and Develop Saint John’s mandate are closely linked, resulting in full support of and alignment on key projects.